Spillfree growing rapidly – with biology, people and technology in the front seat

We operate in an exciting industry that aims to become more sustainable, increase production and become more profitable. We are equipped for scaling, both through quality in deliveries to existing customers as well as new collaborations and projects. With the plans we have, it is not unlikely that we will increase the number of employees significantly in a few years.

Our development is characterized by scaling, both in the form of more employment, new commercial products and the development of existing ones, as well as more customers nationally and internationally. With passion for biology, people and technology – we aim to be a leading provider of decision-support related to biological optimization in modern aquaculture.

In 2019, the company had a total of six employees working in Spillfree, only one year later we became 15 employees. We have built up a solid IT and delivery department, and we also have departments in the market and R&D. Today, we are operational in two countries with 11 customers, which involves both breeders and suppliers. So far we have 42 locations in Norway and eight in Iceland. The market in Iceland will be very exciting in the future. Close collaboration with our customers and partners enables us to continuously develop ourselves and create added value for our customers. Their needs are our goal and together we are able to offer local and continuous adaptations for the customer’s best interests when it comes to biological optimization.

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