We offer courses in feeding

The Spillfree team holds extensive knowledge about feeding and several years of experience from the aquaculture industry, some more than 20 years. Through daily analyses and hundreds of yearly follow-up meetings with customers, Spillfree has built up a tremendous database providing a good basis to understand how to feed optimally. Such knowledge and data also give us insight into what challenges and opportunities the industry are facing. A course in feeding is perfect for training, further education or mapping of competence. We focus on creating a unified understanding of the feeding profession among operators or feeding centers, which lays the foundation for creating outstanding feeding performance.

E-learning course: Feeding farmed fish

The e-learning course on feeding is online, multilingual (Norwegian and English) and available with audio. The course is divided into four. Course certificates are issued to participants who complete the course.

  • Capacity: Equipment at the facility and the operator
  • Camera control: How to drive camera with purpose
  • Involvements: Decisions about changing the dose
  • Availability: Dynamic feeding and freedom to the operator

Daily course seminar: Feeding farmed fish

Full-day physical course in feeding farmed fish for groups of up to 20 participants – for example feeding center or smaller companies. During the course, the focus will be on talking about feeding situations and reviewing different feeding scenarios – this to create healthy discussions and a common understanding of what is needed to feed as optimally as possible.

Such a course is also more adapted to the environmental conditions and challenges of the specific customer. A course certificate is issued to the location/company on completion of the course.

Why take courses in feeding?

  • Strengthen the learning outcomes of feeding, through increasing motivation, reflection, discussion and competence development
  • Create a common understanding of feeding, through a practical and theoretical competence base that has been built up and is based on many years of close follow-up of fish farmers from all over Norway and in Iceland, in addition to over hundreds of thousands of feeding videos from feeding situations
  • Create the foundations for what is needed to create outstanding feeding performance and feed more sustainably

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