Optimised growth based on improved decision support

The farming industry needs a digital transformation to achieve sustainable growth. Today, large amounts of data are stored in different systems that do not talk to each other. We therefore believe that there is great value in establishing common platforms that communicate and compile different data sources and which in turn are included in decision-making processes for better operations.

With Optivekst, the aim is to develop better decision support for feeding that can minimise feed waste and maximise growth. This is done by compiling several data sources, and organizing and analysing the information in a way that gives the feeding operators better and more targeted advise. An important part of the project is to map and highlight the value that lies in combining data from different platforms and sensors.

The project relates to the development and implementation of AquaCloud Sensor Standards, and obtains transfer value from other industries through SINTEF’s HavOpera. A control and operating room that provides a flexible and user-friendly display of test data.

More about the project at FHF’s website (Norwegian only).


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