The aquatech-supplier Spillfree is expanding its offer. During Aqua-Nor, Spillfree launched a complete digital solution for optimizing feeding.

Spillfree has now chosen to offer a total delivery of biological optimization in fish farming. In order for farmers to be able to exploit untapped potential in aquaculture production, better knowledge of biology, feeding and the right decision support is needed to make the right choices. Therefore, we have chosen to offer a total concept for optimizing feeding to breeders. The expertise we have in feeding is our competitive advantage and is an important starting point for a good collaboration with our customers.

Showcased during Aqua Nor 2021

The concept was showcased during the Aqua Nor fair, with the opportunity to try a live demo of the digital tools. The digital solution is divided into areas such as feeding analysis, training, follow-up and strategic decisions. The concept initially included VideoTools (a video-analysis tool for optimal feeding performance), also now includes user access to the optimization tool AquaTools, which aims to raise awareness of the connection between biology and economics. In addition, LearnTools, which is a digital competence platform for feeding, and DrawTools, a digital illustration tool for simulating eg feeding situations are included.

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Images from the fair