Mann og dame som smiler i kontorlokaler.

Meet Hedda and Jørgen, our two new Junior Analysts

Spillfree are continuously expanding the team and have now hired Hedda Mathisen and Jørgen Wisløff as Junior Analysts. We are currently experiencing an increase in customer demand, and we are constantly in need of more feeding experts. Hedda and Jørgen contribute on an important mission for Norwegian seafood – namely doing analysis and follow-up of the fish’s eating behavior and feeding, to ensure good fish health, welfare and fish growth.

Hedda Mathisen is 23 years old and grew up in Melhus, Trøndelag. Alongside her job at Spillfree, she studies biology with a marine focus at NTNU in Trondheim.

Jørgen Wisløff is 26 years old and studies Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU with Marine Biocybernetics as his main profile. He previously has a certificate of apprenticeship as an Automation Technician and has worked with this for the past 7 years.

We also asked the two Junior Analysts about their favorite series and meal. Hedda immediately revealed her weakness for Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in her favorite binge watching series Suits, while Jørgen lets himself be entertained by the Norwegian comedy series Neste Sommer. Hedda’s first choice on the plate is Spanish tapas dishes, while Jørgen prefers a prime steak for his weekend meal.

Analysis of feeding videos and development of artificial intelligence

Both are associated with the delivery team in Spillfree, where they work with customer follow-up and feeding analysis. Hedda’s work responsibilities consist of analyzing feeding videos and feeding data from different customer sites.

– I get the opportunity to take part in meetings with the various customers we work for, where we discuss measures that can be taken to optimize feeding and have good conversations about the status of the various sites. Having good communication with the feeding operators is, I believe, absolutely essential to create a broader understanding of the feeding process so that you can work together to maximize the potential of the fish and prevent feed waste, says Hedda.

Jørgen’s work responsibilities also include video analysis of feeding performance at customer sites, but will eventually transfer to the AI team to work with artificial intelligence in feeding.

– The aquaculture industry is a young industry, where many issues are still unsolved, especially in relation to feeding. Cybernetics and Robotics are based on the fact that the world can be modeled and regulated as desired. I think this corresponds well with Spillfree’s ideology about optimizing feeding. The job with artificial intelligence in Spillfree therefore fits perfectly in terms of my ambitions, previous experience and study programme, says Jørgen.

Great relevance to the field of study

– Focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly fish farming has a lot to say for the future of the industry, both operationally and in terms of reputation, and I think it is very rewarding to be part of this exciting development. The biology degree has also given me valuable insight into the physiology and anatomy of fish, as well as ecology, welfare aspects and sustainability, which is essential to understand when working at Spillfree, concludes Hedda.

We continuously look for more talented employees

– We are very pleased with the employment of the Junior Analysts. It was important to us that we brought in someone with relevant education, an understanding of the industry and an interest in the field. They do an excellent job so far and we are happy to have them on board the team, says CEO Vidar Myhre. At the same time, we see increasing customer demand and interest in our product in the market. It is therefore important for us in the future to employ more Analysts and Customer Advisors to meet market needs. We encourage everyone who is interested and curious, to contact us if they think this sounds like an exciting opportunity, concludes Myhre.

Passion for technology and aquaculture?
Our vision is to be a world-leading supplier of decision-support related to feeding
and biological optimization in aquaculture. Spillfree are therefore continiously
looking for talentful employees to join our journey.