Start-up: 2018
Region: Mid-Norway
Sites installed: 1
Weekly follow-up meetings: 2
Type of feeding: Feeding center

Situational-specific conditions

Period: October 2018 – January 2019
Extremely strong current at the site
Camera position limited to 2-4 meters depth.
Operators skeptical to camera depth because of risk of feedspill.

What is a primary evaluation of feeding performance?

The primary evaluation is an evaluation of the 3-minute end video of the meal day. Assessing the criterias camera control, meal dosage, degree of satiation. The purpose of the primary evaluation is to provide a base measurment for fish growth, since TGC is a product of the frequency of achieving satiation.

Feeding performance – primary evaluation

Assessment of feeding videos at the end of meal.

A: Good ending

B1: Light overfeeding

B2: Critical overfeeding

C: Underfeeding

4t: In this sequence there is no information on which to base an evaluation.

Assessment at start-up


Assessment after 4 months


Feeding performance - primary evaluation from week 52 to week 6

Results and improvement

After a period of trial and error with video documentation as the basis of discussions, the operators found a new approach to feeding, were they managed to feed the fish to almost satiation without feedspill. And in that way achieving a 30% increase in feeding volume.