Start-up: 2022
Region: Mid-Norway
Sites installed: 2
Weekly follow-up meetings: 1
Type of feeding: Feeding center

Situational-specific conditions

Period: September – December
Problems with lice during period
Low temperatures
Small fish farmer with few employees wheras many are involved in feeding operations.

What is the importance of good camera control?

Getting the right information when feeding, depends on having the camara in the clarification zone, that is the place which tells  you the most about the situation. Having good camara control is therefor dependent for making good decisions on dosage level and making the feed as available as possible to the fish. The decisions that create good FCRs and TGC.

Camera control

Assessment of camera control at end video

1: The camera is in or very close to the position of interest and the situation is clarified.

2: The status in the cage is very likely as evaluated, but with some uncertainty.

3: Not enough information for the sequence to be evaluated

4t: In this sequence there is no information on which to base an evaluation.

Assessment at start-up


Assessment after 3 months


Feeding performance - secondary evaluation

Assessment of feeding videos during the meal

A: OK/Control

U: Undecided decision

B1: Light overfeeding

B2: Critical overfeeding

4a: No info, camera is active

4p: No information, camera is passive

Assessment at start-up


Assessment after 3 months


Results and improvement

The feeding operators quickly increased its ability on to have the camera in the right place. In just three months, the customer increased their camera control by 121%. The customer also reduced passive camera control during the meal by 69%.