Start-up: 2017
Region: Mid-Norway
Sites installed: 8
Weekly follow-up meetings: 2
Type of feeding: Feeding from site

Situational-specific conditions

Period: June 2017 – February 2020
During the period, customer increased sites from 2 to 8
Spillfree was a part of a developmentproject

What were discussed in the weekly meetings?

Spillfree analysts and customer advisors had 2 weekly meetings with each site. Mainly feeding operators and site managers participated in these meetings, whereas the following content was discussed: feeding trends and statistics, max/min dosage videos, end of meal videos, fish behavior, pellet availability, camera control during the meal and at the end of meal, involvement during the day etc.

Production cost





At the start of the period, the customer had 90% MTB utilization, and 12% biomass loss was recorded in 497 days at sea. Feed and salmon prices were unchanged throughout the period.
At the end of the period, the customer had 97% MTB utilization and only 4% biomass waste. In addition to increased fish growth from 2.65 to 3.2 in TGC, there was a production gain of 4,609 tonnes and NOK 220 million in increased profit.